THEME 1: dreamshade preview / code

500px posts

4 click-through custom links

150px square optional sidebar image

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Anonymous: can you made a psd then post it? i remember you have a kpop blog and all the coloring that you used is so coloful and pretty ^^ please...

hello there! you’re not wrong, i indeed had a kpop blog and i used to make (crappy) edits there, yes! one cookie for you for remembering that. i don’t think i have any of the skills i previously owned (very little skills) when it comes to photoshop really so i don’t think i can be much of a help but, um, these people are great? and my coloring was nothing impressive or complicated so there’s nothing special about it!

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Anonymous: How i do a manip? but just of faces, no of body, xx

i’m sorry i’m this late and i’m sorry i don’t get what you’re saying? what kind of manip? there are some tutorials i’ve reblogged and i think they can be helpful. click here!

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THEME 4: blossom preview / code


245px sidebar, b&w hover posts
500px or 400px option
6 click-through square links 
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